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Welcome to Larry Robbins' Home Page.

I've been browsing the web for some years now. While a lot of the information is good and useful, I am somewhat appalled at some of the stuff that you can find on it!  I can't really understand why some people feel that their dogs, cats etc would be of interest to complete strangers.

Jane and I are no more interesting of course (and we haven't got any animals to write about anyway!). We can't see why what we do or think might be of interest to other than family & close friends (and even then we are not very sure!) so I doubt we will ever be 'bloggers'!

However, we do use this site as a medium whereby friends and family can 'dip in' to see what we are up to since we are lousy correspondents. 

Another purpose of this web site is as a vehicle to experiment in web techniques. If some bits don't quite work as you would expect, please assume that it is because I am experimenting with something!

BY THE WAY, if you have come here as a result of receiving 'spam' messages which purport to come from our domain, please accept my commiserations. However, we did not initiate them and our domain name and apparent email address are being used without approval or sanction.

LR 5/06

We get a lot of spam so have disabled our email addresses on this site.
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